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Winter graduation at the College of Accountancy and Finance

The graduation ceremony was warmly and solemnly held at the College of Accountancy and Finance (Grāmatvedības un Finanšu koledža, GFK), which, like the Baltic International Academy, honours graduates in winter. The management of the college and lecturers warmly congratulated the heroes of the occasion on receiving their diplomas of accountants and wished them to creatively apply their acquired knowledge in practice.

The head of the study programme “Accounting and Finance”, Assistant Professor Laila Kelmere, while presenting diplomas, noted that the role of an accountant in business is steadily growing, and the requirements for modern accounting, on which a lot depends in effective financial management, are also growing. And the professional knowledge gained in college will undoubtedly be useful to new specialists in their work.

In their reply speeches, the graduates warmly thanked the lecturers of the college for having discovered a lot of new and useful things for them in such a familiar profession for many.

In the photos: Lecturer Renate Indrika greets graduates of the college. Flowers from graduates to Assistant Professor Laila Kelmere. Autograph for receiving a diploma.

Photos by Olga Ose.