New acquisitions of the scientific library


The deficit myth. Modern Monetary theory and how to build a better economy / Stephanie Kelton. – Great Britain: John Murray, 2021. - 331 p.
ISBN 978-1-529-35256-6

Supporting the economy, paying for healthcare, creating new jobs, preventing a climate apocalypse: how can we pay for it all? Leading economic thinker Stephanie Kelton, shows how misguided that question is, and how a radical new approach can maximise our potential as a society. Everything that we've been led to believe about deficits and the role of money and government spending is wrong. Rather than asking the self-defeating question of how to pay for the crucial improvements our society needs, Kelton guides us to ask: which deficits actually matter?

Corporate social responsibility. Doing the most good for Your Company and Your Cause / Philip Kotler, Nancy Lee. – New Jersey: John Wiley& Sons, Inc, 2005. – 307 p.
ISBN: 978-0-471-47611-5

Today, corporations are expected to give something back to their communities in the form of charitable projects. In Corporate Social Responsibility, Philip Kotler, one of the world's foremost voices on business and marketing, and coauthor Nancy Lee explain why charity is both good P.R. and good for business. They show business leaders how to choose social causes, design charity initiatives, gain employee support, and evaluate their efforts. They also provide all the best practices and cutting-edge ideas that leaders need to maximize their contributions to social causes and do the most good. With personal stories from twenty-five business leaders from socially responsible companies, this is the bible for today's good corporate citizen.

Behavioural economics. Psychology, neuroscience, and the human side of economics / David Orrell. - Omnibus business centre, 2021. - 181 p.
ISBN 978-1-78578-664-0

For centuries, economics was dominated by the idea that we are rational individuals who optimise our own 'utility'. Then, in the 1970s, psychologists demonstrated that the reality is a lot messier. We don't really know what our utility is, and we care about people other than ourselves. We are susceptible to external nudges. And far from being perfectly rational we are prone to 'cognitive biases' with complex effects on decision-making, such as forgetting to prepare for retirement.
David Orrell explores the findings from psychology and neuroscience that are shaking up economics - and that are being exploited by policy-makers and marketers alike, to shape everything from how we shop for food, to how we tackle societal happiness or climate change. Finally, he asks: is behavioural economics a scientific revolution, or just a scientific form of marketing?

21 st century monetary policy / Ben S.Bernanke. - W.W.Norton&Company, 2022. - 480 p.
ISBN 9781324020462

"Former Federal Reserve Chair Ben S. Bernanke helps readers understand how the Federal Reserve, the steward of U.S. monetary policy, got to where it is today, what it has learned from the diverse challenges it has faced, and how it may evolve in the future"-- Provided by publisher.

Principles of behavioral economics / Peter E. Earl. - Cambridge University press, 2022. - 518 p.
ISBN 9781009091053

This book is unique among modern contributions to behavioral economics in presenting a grand synthesis between the kind of behavioral economics popularized by Richard Thaler, earlier approaches such as those of the 1978 Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon, evolutionary psychology, and evolutionary economics from Veblen and Marshall through to neo-Schumpeterian thinking. The synthesis employs a complex adaptive systems approach to how people think, the lifestyles they build, and how new production technologies and products are gradually adopted and produce changes. Using a huge range of examples, it takes behavioral economics from its recent focus on 'nudging' consumers, to the behavior of firms and other organizations, the challenges of achieving structural change and transitioning to environmentally sustainable lifestyles, and instability of the financial system. This book will be of great interest to academics and graduate students who seek a broader view of what behavioral economics is and what it might become.

Behavioral economics. The basics. Second edition / Philip Corr. - Routledge, 2023. - 256 p.
ISBN 9780367764326

The second edition of Behavioral Economics: The Basics summarizes behavioral economics, which uses insights from the social sciences, especially psychology, to explain real-world economic behavior. Behavioral economic insights are routinely used not only to understand the choices people make but also to influence them, whether the aim is to enable citizens to lead healthier and wealthier lives, or to turn browsers into buyers. Revised and updated throughout with fresh current-event examples, Behavioral Economics: The Basics provides a rigorous yet accessible overview of the field that attempts to uncover the psychological processes which mediate all the economic judgements and decisions we make. The book showcases how behavioral economics is rooted in some now-old (philosophical, political, and moral) ideas surrounding economics, and in an important sense is a modern expression of some long-standing criticisms of mainstream economics. It contrasts the neoclassical economic perspective (ECON) with a more realistic perspective (HUMAN – the flesh-and-blood economic agent who is not perfect in all respects but who manages to do the best under limitations and constraints).

Behavioral economics. Fourth edition / Edward Cartwright. - Routledge, 2024. - 578 p.
ISBN 9781032414102

Over the last few decades behavioral economics has revolutionized the discipline. It has done so by putting the human back into economics, by recognizing that people sometimes make mistakes, care about others and are generally not as cold and calculating as economists have traditionally assumed. The results have been exciting and fascinating, and have fundamentally changed the way we look at economic behavior.
This textbook introduces all the key results and insights of behavioral economics to a student audience. Ideas such as mental accounting, prospect theory, present bias, inequality aversion and learning are explained in detail. These ideas are also applied in diverse settings, such as auctions, stock market crashes, charitable donations and health care, to show why behavioral economics is crucial to understanding the world around us. Consideration is also given to what makes people happy, and how we can potentially nudge people to be happier.

International finance. Fifth edition / Keith Pilbeam. - Bloomsbury, 2023. - 549 p.
ISBN 9781350347106

International Finance is an established and internationally renowned introduction to the subject. It draws on recent events to provide comprehensive coverage of traditional theories and new research relating to the balance of payments, exchange rate determination and the international monetary system.
Offering an extensive overview of the empirical evidence on the theories and concepts discussed, this textbook provides grounding in the fundamental features of international finance, from basic economic concepts to the various international crises of the twentieth century and into the effects and response to the Eurozone crises and Covid-19 pandemic.

Bank regulation, risk management and compliance / Alexander Dill. - Informa law from Routledge, 2020. - 302 p.
ISBN 9780367521370

Bank Regulation, Risk Management, and Compliance is a concise yet comprehensive treatment of the primary areas of US banking regulation – micro-prudential, macroprudential, financial consumer protection, and AML/CFT regulation – and their associated risk management and compliance systems. The book’s focus is the US, but its prolific use of standards published by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and frequent comparisons with UK and EU versions of US regulation offer a broad perspective on global bank regulation and expectations for internal governance.
The book is designed for legal, risk, and compliance banking professionals; students in law, business, and other finance-related graduate programs; and finance professionals generally who want a reference book on bank regulation, risk management, and compliance. It can serve both as a primer for entry-level finance professionals and as a reference guide for seasoned risk and compliance officials, senior management, and regulators and other policymakers. Although the book’s focus is bank regulation, its coverage of corporate governance, risk management, compliance, and management of conflicts of interest in financial institutions has broad application in other financial services sectors.

Introduction to sustainability. Second edition / Robert Brinkmann. - Willey Blackwell, 2021. - 434 p.
ISBN 978-1-119-67546-4

Introduction to Sustainability, Second Edition, reviews all the major themes in the cutting-edge field of sustainability. The book is suitable for introductory interdisciplinary courses on sustainability, as well as those in the fields of geography, geology, sociology, planning, political science, and anthropology. Allowing students to see the world in new ways while also encouraging them to become part of the change needed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the planet, this book is an invaluable introduction to this multifaceted and ever-changing subject.

Implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles for sustainable businesses / Tracy Dathe. - Springer, 2024. - 237 p.
ISBN 978-3-031-52733-3

The concept of environmental, social and governance (ESG) is rapidly emerging as the new global industry standard and an important benchmarking tool for socially responsible investments. Major corporations seek the expertise of specialized consultants to develop and implement tailored ESG framework for their businesses.
This book offers a guide to ESG and its practical applications. Beyond introducing the structured procedures of the most common ESG approaches, it delves into the comprehensive impact on the value chain, providing practical insights. The text explores the latest trends in various business sectors, offering insights into their ESG practices. Closing with a forward-looking perspective, the book anticipates future developments such as climate change management and ESG certifications, while also addressing potential pitfalls encapsulated by the term “greenwashing”.
Written by authors with a solid background in teaching and research, the book establishes a robust theoretical foundation. The inclusion of numerous practical examples and country-specific recommendations enhances this book’s applicability and makes it an invaluable resource to those navigating the complexities of ESG.


Bez vecāku gādības palikušo bērnu ģimeniskā aprūpe / Ilze Jansiņa. Profesionālās pilnveides un supervīzijas centrs "Aisma", 2014. 101 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-8488-2-7

The methodological manual is devoted to topical issues - the protection of children's rights and social and family care for children left without parental care. The main idea: the child must be given the opportunity to grow up in a family environment, reducing institutional child care in the country. Familiarity with the model of family care for children developed by the authors will be useful for specialists in the field of social work, adoptive parents, guardians, foster families, as well as specialists in preschool institutions or schools where children from foster families or those under guardianship study. Social workers, social educators, psychologists and teachers will be able to use this manual in their practical work.

Pārtraukt līdzatkarību / Melodija Bītija Tulkojusi: Linda Vītuma. Izdevējs: Ģimenes psiholoģijas centrs LĪNA, 2020, 304 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-8873-1-4

This book is about your most important and perhaps most overlooked responsibility: taking care of yourself. A book about what you can do to start feeling better. Whatever the problem that someone else is facing, codependency causes a particular way of thinking, feeling and behaving towards ourselves and those others who cause us pain. Addictive behavior or habits are destructive. We often react to people who destroy themselves; in an effort to help them, we do not notice how we begin to destroy ourselves. The bad habits of loved ones can cause us to enter into or maintain destructive relationships, relationships that don't work. And this prevents us from finding peace and happiness in our relationship with the most important person in our lives - ourselves. This book is about how to avoid such deviation and help the only person that each of us can control - the only person we can change - ourselves.

Domāt precīzi vai daudzveidīgi-konverģenta un divirģenta domāšana / Malgožata Rašcevska Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds (LU apstiprināta monogrāfija). - 120 lpp.
ISBN 9789934186745

Monograph about two main ways of thinking - convergent and divergent thinking and their relationship to knowledge, memory and some categories of personality. Understanding the differences in ways of thinking will help you better understand human behavior and actions. The book is intended for students, doctoral students, graduates of psychology and educational sciences programs, teachers, psychologists and other interested persons.

Supervīzija. Latvijas supervizoru apvienība. Supervīzijas attīstība / sastādītāja Ilze Dreifelde. “Sava gramata”, 2023. – 214 lpp.
ISBN 9789934625466

The book contains stories of the professional experiences of seventeen supervisor authors, which were shared by the leaders of the Latvian Supervisors Association (LSA). Along with stories in which supervisors share information about how they chose to study supervision, who were their teachers, inspirations, how they began their professional careers, improved and how the path of their professional realization was formed. About the society “Association of Latvian Supervisors” and the history of its development since its creation in 2006.
Stories from the experiences of supervisors of the “Association of Latvian Supervisors” are a useful source of information not only for supervisors or students of supervision, but also for other interested parties, allowing them to gain insight and information about what supervision is, what qualities characterize it, and what benefits can be receive professional development, including support in professional activities.

Stresa menedžments. Sintoniskais stresa vadīšanas modelis /Māra Vidnere. Izdevniecība RaKa, 2022. -206 lpp.
ISBN 978-9984-46-458-9

It is much more effective to learn to manage stress than to run from it. The self-test material consists of worksheets that help you identify stress, develop stress management skills, and identify risks. The material can also be used for self-therapy. The material is written in clear language and uses many real-life examples. The set will be useful to a wide range of readers, especially those whose professional activities involve constant stressful situations.


Mediation and other forms of ADR in administrative law / Anna De Ambrosis Vigna (ed). - Bialystok: Temida 2, 2023. - 135 p.
ISBN 978-83-67169-21-9

This book is dedicated to the problem of mediation in administrative law and is the result of the webinar that took place on the 17th March of 2022 that was organized by the Faculty of Law of the University on Bialystok. The purpose of the book is to demonstrate problems with mediation in administrative law and their application in various legal orders. The book consists of articles that show regulationa and experiences concerning the application of mediation before public administration bodies and administrative courts in Poland, Italy, the United States, Lithuania and Hungary.

Current problems of the Penal Law and Criminology / Ed. By Ewa M. Guzik-Makaruk. - Warszawa: Prokuratura Krajowa, 2023. - 592 p.
ISBN 978-83-8345-068-1

The series “Current Problems of Criminal Law and Criminology” has been published since 1994 on the initiative of employees of the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bialystok and is the only one in the world that combines two scientific disciplines and is published in two languages. The typical language of criminal law is German, while in criminology English is used. This makes the publication unique not only on the Polish or European market, but also on the world market. This publication will introduce you to the latest trends in criminal law and criminology from a broad international perspective. The authors of the studies include many outstanding professors, which guarantees a high substantive level of the book, confirmed by reviews of world-class criminologists. The book is intended, in particular, for scholars and practitioners of law enforcement and the justice system interested in criminal law, criminology and related sciences, such as criminology, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, medical and engineering sciences.


From CIA to CEO / Rupal Patel. - London. - 2024. – 311 p.
ISBN 978-1-788-7067-2

From CIA to CEO is an ops manual for entrepreneurs that reveals how the techniques of the CIA can help anyone discover their potential and thrive in the world of business.
Agent-turned-entrepreneur Rupal Patel shares the unique skills she developed and combines those clandestine insights with her experience as a business leader and mentor. She reveals how methods such as Profiling and Situational Awareness help amplify strengths and build resilience.
Full of motivating stories and unique exercises, From CIA to CEO will equip you with the all the tools you'll need for achieving Mission Success.

Crux: How Leaders Become Strategists /Richard Rumelt. - London. -2023. – 357 p.
ISBN 978-1-788-1695-16

The most important part of a leader's job is to set in motion the actions today that will build a better future tomorrow - in other words, strategy.
But how do leaders become strategists? In this ground-breaking book, Richard Rumelt, the world's leading authority on strategy, shows how finding the crux of a challenge is the essence of the strategist's skill. The crux is the key issue where action will best pay off, and Rumelt reveals how to pinpoint it so you can focus energy on what really matters.
Strategy is not about setting financial targets, statements of desired outcomes, or performance goals, it is about finding the crux and taking decisive, coherent action.

Activist Leader: A New Mindset for Doing Business / Jon Miller; Lucy Parker. - London. - 2024. - 390p.
ISBN 978-0-00-856755-2

If you want to be a successful leader in today's business world, you need to think like an activist.
This timely and necessary book shows how to do it. The activist leader argues that the world needs a new type of business leader who thinks differently about his role in today's problems. From climate change to inequality, the major crises facing society have become critical issues for business, and the world expects companies to step up their actions.
Whether you're a top executive or earlier in your working life, this book shows that thinking like an activist can have a transformative impact - for yourself, for your businesses, and for broader society.

The Holy Grail of Investing / Tony Robbins. - London. - 2024. – 351 p.
ISBN 978-1-3985-3316-5

Tony Robbins, who has trained more than fifty million people from 100 countries, is the #1 business strategist in the world. In this new book, he teamed up with Christopher Zook, a well-known financial investor who brought his thirty years of experience to complement the financial part of this book's content.
Together, they show how, over decades, trillions of dollars of smart money – large institutions, sovereign wealth funds, ultra-high net worth individuals – have made huge profits using alternative investments in private equity, private loans, private real estate, energy, and venture capital.
Until recently, the vast majority of investors - those of us without insider access or eye-popping checkbooks - have been locked out of these exciting, high-yield opportunities. But there is a change underway.

From the series: «Get a degree» / Elaine Schwarz. - London. - 2023. – 256 p.
ISBN 978-1-3985-3316-5

This highly visual, full-colour guide contains everything you can learn in an Economics degree, made accessible and entertaining by economics expert Elaine Schwartz.
Filled with flowcharts, infographics, insertable features, and handy timelines, this book makes learning a subject easier than ever. The book covers the full range of Economics subject at the degree level.
This textbook is perfect for both students and those who want to learn what role economics has played in building the world we live in.

The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking: Leading Your Organization Into the Future / Michael D. Watkins. – London: Penguin, 2024. – 180 p.
ISBN 978-1-52914-658-5

What is strategic thinking exactly? Are we born with it, or can we develop it?
As a distinct and important capability in leaders, strategic thinking is a remarkably poorly defined, little understood concept, confined to management courses and board meetings. But in this book world-renowned expert Michael Watkins shows leaders how they can benefit from it, as long as they have the tools to nurture it.
Academically grounded but jargon-free, with real-world examples from all sectors and ages, The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking assesses our innate ability to think strategically, and helps us to cultivate it, leading to better decisions that get proven results.

The Ethical Business Book: A Practical, Non-Preachy Guide to Business Sustainability (Concise Advice) / Sarah Dunkan. - Jelgava. - 2021. - 168p.
ISBN 978-1-911671-56-5

This book is about a rapidly changing and constantly evolving problem, so its next edition has been thoroughly supplemented with new material. It introduces the reader to all the important elements of ethical and sustainable business practices, but is intentionally brief, non-preachy, and practical.
If you are a business owner or leader, it will provide you with the tools to make a difference.
If you work for an organization that needs change, it will give you the ammunition you need to lobby the decision makers and present a compelling case for long-term sustainability.

Decision Making and Problem Solving: Break Through Barriers and Banish Uncertainty at Work / John Adair. - London. - 2022. - 108p.
ISBN 978-1-3986-0618-0

Author John Adair shares the techniques and ideas you need to find solutions, spark creativity, and make the right decisions.
The 5th edition features even more practical exercises, helpful templates, and tips, providing a clear structure to help generate ideas and instill confidence in your team. The book should help you find a solution to any problem. After reading it, you will have competitive ideas worthy of the highest praise from the world's leading strategists.

Big Tech in Finance: How to Prevail In the Age of Blockchain, Digital Currencies and Web3 / Igor Pejic. - London. - 2023. – 283 p.
ISBN 978-1-3986-0896-2

The author of the book offers a cutting-edge look at Big Tech's struggle to dominate the crypto economy, its implications, and how traditional finance is trying to counter it. The book analyzes the reasons behind Big Tech's breakthrough in banking and reveals the strategies behind the use of blockchain, technology interfaces, infrastructure, and investment. The book then goes onto review how organizations in finance are countering these threats, with governments and banks driving their own strategies and use of centralized blockchains.
In addition, the book examines how financial institutions are countering these threats, with governments and banks implementing their own strategies and using centralized blockchains.
Delving into the fight between Big Tech, Big Banking, start-ups, and regulators, Big Tech in Finance analyzes which actors have the best shot at succeeding.
The book, written by a globally recognized blockchain expert, is based on in-depth interviews with founders, investors, regulators, bankers, and blockchain experts, providing valuable insider information.

Mazā grāmata par saprātīgu investēšanu/[The little book on investing wisely] / Džons K. Bogls. - Ņūdžersija. - 336 p.
ISBN 978-9916-707-61-6

The book introduces the nuances of investing and the strategy of index-linked or passive investing, which provides investors with significantly lower costs and better results in the long run.The book has gained worldwide recognition for its practical and interesting view of the stock markets.
For a wide range of readers.
Translated from English by Jānis Skupelis.

Veiksmīga biznesa psiholoģija [Psychology of successful business]/ Aija Rība. - Rīga. - 2023. - 216 p.
ISBN 978-9934-8612-8-4

The aim of this book is to present business psychology and perception by clearly and succinctly providing basic theories and practical examples of the topic in question.
This book not only makes it clear that perception applies to absolutely everything in this life, but also explains what we should do with it in business, politics, career, upbringing and private life.
There are many capable people around us, but work experience and knowledge are a set of qualities that everyone is looking for.
And that's exactly what this book aims to do: to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge. Therefore, it is very important to supplement your work experience with theoretical knowledge, because entrepreneurship is based on theory and research, and professionals need to study both theory and practice to be successful.
And that's exactly what this book aims to do: to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge.


Karļa Ulmaņa autoritārā režīma saimniecīskā politika 1934-1940. Otrais, papildinātais izdevums / Aivars Stranga. – Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds, 2020. – 512 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-18-522-9

A study of the economic policies of the authoritarian regime of Kārlis Ulmanis (1934–1940). In the expanded 2nd edition, a separate chapter examines the activities of Latvijas Kredītbanka, the content of other chapters is also supplemented, special attention is paid to the state of industry in Latvia, taxes and the mobilization plan of the national economy, the so-called Latvianization policy in trade and industry, and the creation of new national companies. The views of Karlis Ulmanis himself and his role in managing the Latvian economy are also reflected.

SPIN pārdošana. No angļu valodas tulkojusi Māra Rūmniece / Nīls Rekhems. – Rīga: Avots, 2017. – 268 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-534-59-1

This book is the result of the largest research project ever undertaken in the field of sales. The book reflects a new approach to sales in large volumes and indicates what qualities a person should develop in order to achieve success in sales. The book is supplied with tables, graphs and drawings.

Pārrobežu biznesa modeļa vadība. Monogrāfija / Helēna Skadiņa, Rosita Zvirgzdiņa. – Rīga: Turība, 2023. – 119 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-543-45-6

The global economy is driving digital innovation, transforming entire systems and making them more connected, intelligent and efficient across industries. This affects companies where many changes are taking place: processes are accelerating, the boundaries of traditional markets are blurring, the variety of services is increasing, existing business areas and business models are being transformed. Various changes stimulate companies to develop new skills - to become more flexible and able to adapt to external conditions. Business modeling helps improve newly acquired skills because the business model, which includes critical components of international operations and digital transformation mechanisms, provides business managers with the ability to evaluate activities and their consequences. This book examines business models and the theoretical aspects of the business model environment to understand how business models and the modeling environment influence the implementation of business and management functions.

Jauna vadība. Kā vadošās organizācijas apgriež otrādi ierasto biznesu / Deivids Burkus. No angļu valodas tulkojusi Māra Rūmniece. – Rīga: Avots, 2024. – 274 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-590-09-2

Undoubtedly, the thoughts expressed in this book will cause surprise. Most ideas are new, radical and even revolutionary. As you will see in each chapter, these “radical” ideas have already found a place in many established and forward-thinking corporations, and in fact, not only do they work, but the organizations that use them thrive. The purpose of this book is to encourage you and your company to consider whether it is time to rethink some of the basic concepts of modern management. Remember that business also means being interested in change and keeping up with the latest trends. This is your chance to understand and see for yourself what changes you need to make to your leadership.

Naudas psiholoģija. Pārlaicīgas mācības par bagātību, alkatību un laimi / Morgan Hauzels. No angļu valodas tulkojusi Renāte Pulka. – Rīga: Jānis Roze, 2021. – 288 lpp.
ISBN 978-9984-23-937-8

When we talk about a person’s skillful handling of money, we mean not so much his knowledge as his actions. And teaching people (even very smart ones) the right behavior can be difficult. Money, especially investing, personal finance and business decisions, is often considered a mathematical field where data and formulas clearly show the algorithm of operations. But in the real world, people make financial decisions not based on charts and spreadsheets, but in conversations over lunch or in a conference room where personal history, your unique worldview, ego, marketing and the most incredible incentives mingle. In her book The Psychology of Money, Morgan Housel shares 19 small stories about people's unusual beliefs about money and provides lessons that will help us better understand one of life's most important topics.

Vadītāja spējas. Kā vadīt uzņēmumus un ļaudis / Voldemārs Leitis. Rīga :Avots, 2020. – 246 lpp.

The book "establishes the type of modern leader - practical, intelligent and humane - because only such a leader has a future." The book analyzes the relationship between manager and employee, work organization, evaluation and implementation of new ideas, the ability to make decisions and analyze risk levels. The book will be useful both to those who already manage a large or small company, and to those who are still thinking about doing business in the future.

The psychology of money / Morgan Housel. –Harriman House, 2020. – 242 p.
ISBN 978-0-85719-768-9

Doing well with money isn’t necessarily about what you know. It’s about how you behave. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people. Money―investing, personal finance, and business decisions―is typically taught as a math-based field, where data and formulas tell us exactly what to do. But in the real world people don’t make financial decisions on a spreadsheet. They make them at the dinner table, or in a meeting room, where personal history, your own unique view of the world, ego, pride, marketing, and odd incentives are scrambled together. In The Psychology of Money, award-winning author Morgan Housel shares 19 short stories exploring the strange ways people think about money and teaches you how to make better sense of one of life’s most important topics.


Emotional intelligence. Why it can matter more than IQ / Daniel Goleman. - Bloomsbury publishing, 2020. – 325 p.
ISBN 978-1-5266-3362-0

Vai Does IQ define our destiny? In his groundbreaking bestseller, Daniel Goleman argues that our view of human intelligence is far too narrow. It is not our IQ, but our emotional intelligence that plays a major role in thought, decision-making and individual success. Self-awareness, impulse control, persistence, motivation, empathy and social deftness: all are qualities that mark people who excel, whose relationships flourish, who can navigate difficult conversations, who become stars in the workplace. With new insights into the brain architecture underlying emotion and rationality, Goleman shows precisely how emotional intelligence can be nurtured and strengthened in all of us.

The emotional overdraft / Andy Brown. – Practical Inspiration Publishing, 2024. – 216 p.
ISBN 9781788605137

Most business owners and leaders have a habit of overcoming their company’s challenges at the expense of their own wellbeing. They work long hours, try to do too many things, and struggle to reconcile the excitement of the early days with the stress and exhaustion they feel now. Their businesses may be profitable, but those profits have come at a high personal cost. In other words, they’ve run up an emotional overdraft. Andy Brown is an award-winning adviser and coach for people-based businesses, helping them to grow sustainably and increase their value.


Rietumu mākslas vēsture / Dženeta Reibolda Bentona. Rīga: Jāņa Rozes apgāds, 2022. – 176 lpp.
ISBN 978-9984-23-908-8

This richly illustrated book provides a concise overview of the most important works of architecture, sculpture, and painting in the Western artistic tradition from prehistory to the present day. Focusing on the historical aspect of art history, information is presented thematically and chronologically, sequentially describing events, achievements and even disasters. Translation into Latvian was carried out by Renate Punka.


Darba aizsardzības speciālista rokasgrāmata. 2. grāmata. Darba vides riska faktoru novērtēšana, darba aizsardzības sistēmas vadība. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2023. – 255 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-31-606-7

The book is intended for university graduates - occupational safety specialists and other specialists performing the duties of occupational safety specialists at enterprises. It will also be useful for those who have recently become occupational safety specialists and who often have the first question: where to start? Book 2 provides practical advice on assessing work environment hazards, selecting and using personal protective equipment, conducting safety training, investigating accidents, interacting with government agencies, and operating hazardous equipment. To facilitate compliance with labor safety regulations, the book also contains many samples of necessary documents.


Sociālā darba vārdnīca / Baiba Bela un Līga Rasnača. – Rīga: LU Akadēmiskais apgāds, 2023. - 640 lpp.

The Social Work Dictionary was created as an information tool in social work practice. The purpose of developing the dictionary is to provide methodological support to social work specialists, students, researchers and specialists in related fields. Thanks to the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia, the library of the Baltic International Academy received 8 copies of this book. You can get acquainted with the book in the libraries of Riga and Daugavpils.


Perspektīva un telpiskums. Vizuālās mākslas pamati / Ilze Briška. – Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2022. -30 lpp.
ISBN 9984-22-872-X

In the methodological material developed by I.Briška, fine art teachers, students of pedagogical faculties, schoolchildren and other people interested in art will find not only a theoretical base and diverse tasks that will be useful in teaching spatial imaging, but will also gain confidence in their abilities, drawing skills and learn to accept fine arts as a natural part of self-expression.

Lielā zīmēšanas grāmata / Andrāšs Suņogi. No angļu valodas tulkojusi Elīna Brasliņa. – Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2022. – 407 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-0-4249-2

An extensive book by the Hungarian master András Sugnoga for teaching drawing skills will be useful to everyone - both interested and amateurs, as well as students of art and architecture. The publication includes more than 1000 drawings by András Sugnoga, drawing techniques are explained step by step, supplemented with text and images, basic drawing techniques are described, perspective and shading and how to depict them are given, an idea is given of drawing still lifes and landscapes, tips are given on how draw portraits and nudes, reveals how to draw the body in full growth, at rest and how to depict it in motion.


Darba tiesības. 3.papildinātais un pārstrādātais izdevums / Velga Slaidiņa, Ilze Skultāne. – Rīga : Zvaigzne ABC, 2023. – 288 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-0-7022-8

“Labor Law” is one of the few books published in Latvian that deals with the main issues of labor law both in terms of theory and practice. The book is intended primarily as a textbook for law students studying the Labor Law course, but it will also be useful to practicing lawyers and other readers interested in labor law and related issues.

Darba tiesības. Tiesības darbā. Terminu skaidrojošā vārdnīca / Valija Ulmane. – SIA “Biznesa augstskola Turība”, 2023. – 160 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-543-37-1

Legal terms are explained in alphabetical order. The explanatory definitions of the dictionary are based on concepts accepted in legal science, terms established in legal acts, supplemented by an indication of their connection with labor legislation. The explanation of each term is based on the name of a specific source, normative act with an emphasis on its application in the Labor Law.The task of the dictionary is to make more understandable the terms used in the regulation of labor relations, which are found in many and various legal acts and information sources that explain them.
The dictionary uses the regulations that were in force in the Republic of Latvia as of January 1, 2023.


Health psychology. A biopsychosocial approach. Seventh Edition / Richard O.Straub. – New York: Macmillan Learning, 2023. – 500 p.
ISBN 978-9934-543-37-1

Straub’s Health Psychology helps you make meaningful connections between the science of health psychology and everyday experiences such as stress, coping, and sleep.

Introduction to psychology / Saylor Foundation

The book is intended primarily as a textbook for students of psychology, students studying the course "General Psychology", but it will also be useful to practicing psychologists and other readers interested in psychology.

Clinical psychology. A scientific, multicultural, and life span perspective. Ninth Edition / Jonathan S.Abramowitz. – New York: Worth publishers. Macmillan Learning, 2023. – 404 p.
ISBN 9781319245726

The ideal brief introduction to the science and practice of clinical psychology in today’s world. For the 9th editions authors have added new chapters on professional issues, ethics, as well as the science of assessment and the science of psychological treatment.

An introduction to brain and behavior. Seventh Edition / Bryan Kolb, Ian Q.Whishaw. – New York : Worth publishers Macmillan Learning, 2023. – 688 p.
ISBN 9781319498566

This text is a unique inquiry-based introduction to behavioral neuroscience. Each chapter focuses on a central question (i.e., 'How Does the Nervous System Function?') guiding students through the key concepts. The authors emphasize a distinctive clinical perspective, with examples showing students what happens when common neuronal processes malfunction with real life applications. The book reflects the latest findings at the time of publication on specific disorders including Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, depression and drug dependency, sleep disorders, schizophrenia, glaucoma, and abnormal development related to prenatal experience.

Psychology in everyday life. Sixth edition / David G.Myers, C.Nathan DeWall. – New York: Macmillan Learning, 2023. – 414 p.
ISBN 978-1-319-41872-4

Psychology in Everyday Life is a complete and affordable resource for students at all levels. Dave Myers and Nathan DeWall work on the text and corresponding LaunchPad content so there is a tight connection between all aspects of the course. This edition is heavily updated to reflect the latest in psychological science and to further emphasize the value of thinking critically, considering diverse perspectives, and improving our everyday life

Psihologa profesionālās darbības ētika. Teorētiskais pamats un praktiskās vadlīnijas / Inese Elsiņa, Baiba Martinsone, Ivans Jānis Mihailovs. – Rīga: izdevniecība SIA “Drukatava”, 2022. – 76 lpp.

The publication covers the most important ethical issues of a psychologist's professional activity, allowing both psychologists and specialists who interact with psychologists on a daily basis to find ideas and initiatives for the ethically correct behavior of psychologists and mutual cooperation of specialists, including a psychologist who makes a professional choice and justifies his act or decision. In order to further clarify the ethical requirements and rules for psychologists, the publication collects theoretical material and analyzes practical examples, and provides recommendations for solving various cases of a psychologist's professional activity.

The developing person through the life span. Twelfth edition / Kathleen Stassen Berger. – New York. – Macmillan Learning, 2023. –816 p.
ISBN 978-1-319-33200-6

This is the 12th edition of Kathleen Berger's Developmental Psychology Handbook. Traditionally, the textbook considers the development of the human psyche from the prenatal period to the last days of life. In the new edition, updates have been made to the chapters on the branches of psychology in which more and more new discoveries are taking place (brain development, psychopathology).
The manual is addressed to students of departments "Psychology".

Psychology. Sixth edition / Daniel L.Schacter, Daniel T. Gilbert, Matthew K.Nock. – New York: Macmillan Learning, 2023. – 800 p.
ISBN 9781319498634

Written by a world-renowned team of psychologists, this bestselling textbook brings students the latest developments across the entire discipline of psychology - from the fundamental principles of psychology as a science, to more nuanced approaches in core disciplines such as cognitive, developmental, social and personality psychology. Woven together with engaging features, research boxes and activities that will help students to both think like a scientist and stretch their imagination, this book is a complete course companion for all undergraduate psychology students.

Komunikācijas kompetence. Kā saprasties un veidot attiecības / Edmunds Apsalons. – Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2022. – 304 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-0-3539-5

The book can be used both for academic studies and as a methodological guide for self-study, as well as an exciting read that encourages you to think about why our relationships with other people are not always the way we would like, why we are not able to understand each other. and cooperate


Darba aizsardzības speciālista rokasgrāmata. 1.grāmata. Darba aizsardzības sistēma, darba vides riska faktori. Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2022. – 272 lpp.

The book will be useful to safety professionals, lawyers and all occupational health and safety professionals, both those who already have experience in this field and those who have recently taken up these duties.
Also, this publication will certainly be useful to the listeners of the course of lectures "Civilā aizsardzība un vides aizsardzība" at the BIA.

Latvijas Republikas Satversmes komēntāri. V nodaļa. Likumdošana. VSIA "Latvijas Vēstnesis", 2019. – 592 lpp.
ISBN 978-9984-840-61-1

The fifth book of scientific commentaries on the Constitution, dedicated to Chapter V of the Basic Law of our country "Legislation". This is an unprecedented study of Latvian parliamentarism.
The explanations of the Constitution contained in this volume of commentaries are a fundamental study of the entire constitutional legislative process. Commentaries are a scientific source of knowledge about the norms of the Constitution, which is useful when faced with their practical application.

Latvijas Republikas Satversmes komēntāri. VI nodaļa. Tiesa.VII nodaļa. Valsts kontrole. VSIA "Latvijas Vēstnesis", 2013. – 240 lpp.
ISBN 97899840246

Comments are intended for all interested and are a kind of bridge to understanding the content of the Constitution and constitutional norms The new edition is also published as part of the LU scientific project. Most of the authors involved in the project are highly qualified faculty members of the Faculty of Law.

Pacientu tiesību likuma komentāri. Rīga: VSIA "Latvijas Vēstnesis", 2019. - 352 lpp.
ISBN 978-9984-840-60-4

The book "Commentaries on the Law on the Rights of Patients" is the fundamental work of a team of authors. The Commentaries on the Patients' Rights Act clarifies the legally protected rights of the patient and the actions expected of medical personnel in their implementation and promotion. The book will be useful for all those interested.


...tomēr teikt dzīvei Jā. Psihologs pārdzīvo koncentrācijas nometni / Viktors E.Frankls. – Rīga: Zvaigzne, 2022. – 174 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-0-9741-6

The book of the Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, philosopher, writer Viktor Emil Frankl (Viktor Emil Frankl, 1905 - 1997) "Say yes to life!" has been translated into Latvian for the first time. The founder of the school of psychotherapy - logotherapy - devoted his life to the study of human freedom, self-esteem and understanding the search for the meaning of life.

Psihiatrija / Imants Eglītis. – Rīga: Zvaigzne ABC, 2023.- 207 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-31-325-7

Professor Imants Eglitis' textbook "Psychiatry", known to many generations, describes the most common mental illnesses, their diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment principles. Professor Eglitis' book has been a good help for many generations of doctors, and it is hoped that its historical significance will be appreciated even today. This book may also be useful for practicing psychologists.


Lets play house / Joni Vandewalle. – Lanno, 2020. -217 p.
ISBN 9789401471374

Many people assume that becoming a parent means sacrificing a stylish interior. But it doesn't have to be that way.
When lifestyle journalist Joni Vandewalle's daughter was born she was disappointed to discover that in most home styling magazines children's rooms and play areas are expertly concealed. And so she visited the homes of 25 young families in Belgium and abroad, where toys brighten up the interior, kids are a source of energy and joy, and parents don't think twice about sacrificing living space to give their kids cleverly styled bedrooms, colourful play areas and creative storage.
The result? More than 200 pages of interior design tips on how to create a stylish, warm and happy family home for young parents and parents-to-be.

Freestyle. Illustrating urban fashion / Gingko press, by Sandy Publishing, 2017. – 240 p.
ISBN 978-1-58423-670-2

Graphic tees have been around for decades now, representing aspects of our lives we are not afraid to share in public, from social and political affiliations to artistic and musical preferences, lifestyle pursuits or sense of humor.
Free Style focuses on one distinct style of this artwork on apparel: the simple line illustration. Whether representational or abstract, there is a looseness there, a studied playfulness which appeals to our sense of whimsy. Brands respond by commissioning some of the worlds best artists to create graphics that speak to their consumers while exemplifying their graphic identities.
Not limited to t-shirts, this survey includes sneakers, hats, glasses and accessories, all displaying this casualness of form.

Slash. Paper under the knife. Museum of arts and design / ed. By Martina D Alton. – Museum of arts and design, 2010. – 256 p.
ISBN 9-8-88-7439-529-3

The book provides an overview of the work of contemporary artists who use paper in their work - from small intricate cut-outs to monumental architectural installations and sculpture. Eclectic, eccentric and relentlessly innovative works of art created from paper. In recent years, the use of paper as a working medium by artists has experienced an exciting resurgence.

Interior design review. Volume 25. The definitive guide to the worlds top 100 designers / Andrew Martin. – teNeues, 2021. – 534 p.
ISBN 978-3-96171-369-1

Vintage or modern? Sleek minimalism or splendid opulence? Scandinavian hygge or Neon Art? For all that is emerging and on trend in the world of interiors, look no further than the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review Vol. 25. Compiled by founder Martin Waller, dubbed the "Indiana Jones of Interior Design," this anniversary edition of the interior design bible showcases the diverse creations of 100 leading interior designers, including the winner of the "Designer of the Year" award.
Regardless of whether you are looking for inspiring design ideas for your own home or simply want to sneak a peek at beautiful interior spaces, this vibrant English-language coffee table book will delight design lovers around the globe


Marketing and managing tourism destinations. Second edition / Alastair M.Morrison. Routledge Taylor& Francis Group, London and New York, 2019.

Marketing and Managing Tourism Destinations is a comprehensive and integrated introductory textbook covering both destination marketing and destination management in one volume. It focuses on how destination management is planned, implemented and evaluated as well as the management and operations of destination management organizations (DMOs), how they conduct business, major opportunities, challenges and issues they face to compete for the global leisure and business travel markets.
This second edition has been updated to include:

  • A new chapter on visitor management that includes a section on crisis and disaster management
  • New material on destination leadership and coordination
  • New and revised content on digital marketing
  • New and updated international case examples throughout to show the practical realities and approaches to managing different destinations around the world.
It is illustrated in full colour and packed with features to encourage reflection on main themes, spur critical thinking and show theory in practice. Written by an author with many years of industry practice, university teaching and professional training experience, this book is the essential guide to the subject for tourism, hospitality and events students and industry practitioners alike.


Destination marketing. Essential. Third edition / Steven Pike. Routledge Taylor& Francis Group, London and New York, 2021.

Destination Marketing offers the reader an integrated and comprehensive overview of the key challenges and constraints facing destination marketing organisations (DMOs) and how destination marketing can be planned, implemented and evaluated to achieve successful destination competitiveness.
This new third edition has been revised and updated to include:

  • 27 new and updated case studies, including destinations such as Sri Lanka, Barbados, the UAE, and crucially relevant topics such as the Australian bushfires and the threat of COVID-19
  • Brand-new pedagogical features such as in-chapter class activities, key term definitions, and highlighted critical points
  • New content on cross-sector consortia marketing for meetings and events, social media influencer marketing, the role of technology, resource consumption and climate change, creativity and innovation in developing destination branding, experiential destination marketing and the influence of culture and sustainability on destination marketing
  • Links to free access of the author’s journal articles on destination marketing
  • Updated additional online resources for lecturers and students including PowerPoint slides, quizzes and discussion questions
It is written in an engaging style and applies theory to a range of tourism destinations at the consumer, business, national and international level by using topical examples.


Tourism Destination Management / Manuel Rodriguez-Diaz and Tomas F.Espino-Rodriguez. MDPI, Basel, Beijing, Wuhan, 2019.

This book collected studies focused on the management of tourist destinations. Destinations are complex and adaptive systems, where the different elements that make them up have to be oriented towards achieving a common objective that improves the competitiveness of the destination. Five main lines of research on tourist destinations can be established: 1) the management, planning, and marketing of destinations, with special attention to the tourism supply chain, communication, and integral management; 2) the sustainability of resources and capabilities; 3) the renewal of destinations in order to update their offer and main resources to maintain competitiveness; 4) online reputation and communication through social media in order to create and enhance a strong brand image and customer loyalty; and 5) the application of new technologies in order to develop smart destinations. The book is made up of five research studies that focus on analyzing the transition towards a more circular tourist activity in hotels, image as a competitive factor of destinations, the value of cultural creativity, the coherence of online reputation, and the relationship between hotel prices and online reputation in different tourist destinations.

Tourism planning and destination marketing / Mark Anthony Camilleri. Emerald Publishing, United Kingdom, 2019.

Destination marketing relies on planning, organisation, and successful strategies and tactics. Tourism Planning and Destination Marketing provides an in-depth understanding of the tourism marketing environment, including destination branding, distribution channels, etourism, digital media, and sustainable and responsible tourism practices. It is a useful guide for tourism marketers, including destination management organisations (DMOs), who are increasingly using innovative tools and evolving technologies to engage with prospective visitors. Moreover, this title sheds light on the latest developments in travel, hospitality, festivals and events, as the contributing authors have critically analysed the global tourism marketing environments that comprise a wide array of economic, socio-cultural, technological and environmental realities.
This book explores advances in tourism planning and destination marketing theory for the interest of both researchers and scholars. Furthermore, it is an invaluable resource for a wide range of industry practitioners, including consultants, senior executives and managers who work for destination management organisations, tourism offices, hotels, inbound/outbound tour operators and travel agents.

Good country equation . How we can repair the world in one generation / Simon Anholt. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc, 2020

Simon Anholt has spent decades helping countries from Austria to Zambia to improve their international standing. Using colorful descriptions of his experiences--dining with Vladimir Putin at his country home, taking a group of Felipe Calderon's advisors on their first Mexico City subway ride, touring a beautiful new government hospital in Afghanistan that nobody would use because it was in Taliban-controlled territory--he tells how he began finding answers to that question.
Ultimately, Anholt hit on the Good Country Equation, a formula for encouraging international cooperation and reinventing education for a globalized era. Anholt even offers a "selfish" argument for cooperation: he shows that it generates goodwill, which in turn translates into increased trade, foreign investment, tourism, talent attraction, and even domestic electoral success. Anholt insists we can change the way countries behave and the way people are educated in a single generation--because that's all the time we have.

Place Branding. For small cities, regions & Downtowns / Bill Baker. 2019.

In his latest book, Bill Baker unpacks decades of practical experience and real-world examples. He shows how to transform tourism, economic development, place making, and wayfinding in small cities and regions. Bill is straight to the point and provides the essentials for those new to the subject. He shows the way to reveal and manage a sustainable destination or place brand. ‘Place Branding’ simplifies the scope and dynamics of place branding by providing a step-by-step approach to research, define, and deploy a winning brand strategy for places of all sizes. Each chapter is loaded with helpful ideas for establishing a community brand that will provide a competitive advantage, be supported by citizens, and resonate with target audiences.

Valsts parāda vērtspapīru plūsmas vadības pilnveidošanas iespējas Latvijā. Monogrāfija / Ivars Avotiņš, Rosita Zvirgzdiņa
ISBN 978-9934-543-25-8

The scientific monograph “Valsts parāda vērtspapīru plūsmas vadības pilnveidošanas iespējas Latvijā” was developed between 2005 and 2018. The monograph is based on a detailed analysis of the existing practice of Latvian government debt securities for the period from 1993 to 2018.
The monograph contains an original study of the possibilities for improving the management of the flow of government debt securities in Latvia. The work includes the theoretical conclusions of the doctoral dissertations of I. Avotins and R. Zvirgzdins and developed proposals for improving the management of flows of government debt securities in Latvia.

Mediju un komunikācijas zinātne. Monogrāfija / Klauss Beks. Tulkots no vācu valodas (Latviešu izdevums profesora Dr.phil.A.Dimanta tulkojumā).
ISBN 978-9934-543-29-6

Communication and media are becoming more and more popular not only in everyday life, but also as a subject of research and teaching. Throughout Europe and beyond, the number of people interested in media and communication research has grown steadily in recent decades, as has the number of universities and colleges.


Krimināllikuma komentāri. Pirmā daļa (I–VIII nodaļa). Otrais papildinātais izdevums / Uldis Krastiņš, Valentija Liholaja. – Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2018, 558 lpp.

The book “Comments on the criminal law. Part One (Chapters I to VIII2) Third Edition "is a continuation of the book “Comments on the criminal law. Part one (chapters I through VIII2). Second revised edition "2018. The same authors - professors of law of the University of Latvia Uldis Krastins and Valentija Likholaja - also in this issue comment on the legal norms of the General Part of the Criminal Law and provide explanations for their application.
Since the need for a reprint was determined by the amendments made to the Criminal Law in recent years, the authors also mainly considered issues related to them.
It is noteworthy that the authors also commented on the amendments to the Criminal Code of December 17, 2020, which have not yet entered into force. They will come into force on January 1, 2022. These amendments significantly affect the application of sentences to minors, suspended sentences and other issues.
In addition, the authors have completed and clarified the comments to the articles in the General part in the previous comment.
The theoretical analysis is clearly complemented by examples from judicial practice.
At the end of the book you will find a list of sources used, an excerpt from the Law "On the order of entry into force and application of the criminal law" and the amount of the minimum monthly wage established by the Government.
The book will be a good guide for those who apply and study criminal law. It can provide an introduction to criminal law for anyone interested in the field.

Krimināllikuma komentāri. Otrā daļa (IX-XVII nodaļa). Otrais papildinātais izdevums / Uldis Krastiņš, Valentija Liholaja. – Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2018, 558 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-508-66-0

The comments are based on the findings of the theory of criminal law, jurisprudence and jurisprudence. Commenting on the international and international nature of crimes such as crimes against humanity, genocide, human trafficking, etc., the relevant international documents are also analyzed in the section on elements of crime and other issues related to the application of criminal law. Considering that the descriptions of many criminal offenses subject to comment are not completed, special attention is paid to the analysis of the relevant laws and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers that regulate them, or other decisions in the commentary to these norms of criminal law.

Krimināllikuma komentāri. Trešā daļa (XVIII-XXV nodaļa). Otrais papildinātais izdevums / Uldis Krastiņš, Valentija Liholaja. – Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2019, 879 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-508-71-4

The comments are based on the findings of the theory of criminal law, jurisprudence and jurisprudence. Commenting on the international and international nature of crimes such as crimes against humanity, genocide, human trafficking, etc., the relevant international documents are also analyzed in the section on elements of crime and other issues related to the application of criminal law. Considering that the descriptions of many criminal offenses subject to comment are not completed, special attention is paid to the analysis of the relevant laws and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers that regulate them, or other decisions in the commentary to these norms of criminal law.

Darbinieku aizsardzība uzņēmuma pārejas gadījumā / Irēna Liepiņa. – Rīga: Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2021. – 287 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-508-90-5

The author I. Liepiņa in the book “Darbinieku aizsardzība uzņēmuma pārejas gadījumā” comprehensively considered a very important and necessary topic in Latvia - the protection of employees in cases where the company in which a person works is acquired by another, new employer.
The relevance of the chosen topic is also determined by the fact that in the current practice, when transferring a company, more attention is paid to economic and commercial aspects, and not to the legal protection of employees.
The book is divided into four chapters. They comprehensively address general handover issues, employee protection guidelines and implementation, and provide suggestions for improving employee protection. The highlights of the topics are summarized in the executive summary. The work widely uses and analyzes the theoretical and practical conclusions obtained both in Latvia and abroad, illustrated by examples from judicial practice. At the end of the book, there is an extensive list of sources used.
The recommendations and specific proposals presented as a result of the author's research can be used in the future in Latvian legislation to improve the regulation of the legal protection of employees in the event of a transfer of the company.
This book will be a valuable resource for both current and future lawyers, as well as anyone who might have to deal with employee protection issues in the event of a transfer.

Autortiesības digitālajā laikmetā. Monogrāfija / Ingrīda Veikša. – Rīga: Turība, 2021. – 457 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-543-33-3

This monograph summarizes various materials prepared by the author for participation in scientific conferences, for publication in international scientific journals, for discussion with copyright specialists, and also simply for expressing his opinion on a topic that was relevant to the public at that time. The variety of these audiences also requires varying degrees of scientific rationale. However, each article carefully analyzes both the sources of the literature and the applicable regulations and case law. The monograph is dedicated to the protection of intellectual property rights, focusing on one type of intellectual property - copyright, other types of intellectual property such as trademarks, patents, designs, etc.

Civilprocesa likuma komentāri. II Daļa (29. -60. nodaļa) / Sagat. Autoru kolektīvs prof. K.Torgāna un A.Laviņa zinātniskajā redakcijā. – Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2021. – 1360 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-508-81-3

The second amended version of Part II of the Comments to the Civil Procedure Law has been prepared taking into account the amendments to the Civil Procedure Law and other relevant regulations made by April 21, 2021.
Compared to the first edition of this part of the commentary, the comments contained in the book additionally cover 34 laws on amending the Civil Procedure Law adopted after June 2012 (including the law adopted on March 25, 2021), as well as at least 11 judicial decisions in which the conformity of the norms of the civil procedure law to the Constitution is assessed.

Dzīvojamo telpu īre un saistītie jautājumi / Jurista vārds Nr 43. Raksti. – 26.10.2021. – 126 lpp.

This book magazine is very important. The content of the publications is varied, it is not only the issues of renting residential premises and the Civil Procedure Law. The content covers topics such as consumer issues and the processing of personal data in rental housing, rent and taxes. For the convenience of readers, the collection also contains the new Law on the Rent of Residential Premises in its current version.

Herberta Pakera divu kriminālprocesa modeļu doktrīna / Egons Rusanovs, Signe Skutele. – Rīga: Rusanovs&Partneri zvērinātu advokātu birojs SIA, 2021. – 128 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-9006-3-1

Dr. iur. cand. Egons Rusanovs and Mg. iur Signe Scutele in her new book “Herberta Pakera divu kriminālprocesa modeļu doktrīna” invites readers to look at the criminal procedural views of the American legal scholar Herbert Packer.
In 1964, Packer published his famous work, Two Models of Criminal Procedure, in which he described two models of criminal procedure: 1) the crime control model and 2) the due process model.
As noted by the author of the introduction to the book "The Doctrine of Two Models of Criminal Procedure", Corresponding Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, Dr. iur Ariya Meikalisha: “The study is useful for anyone interested in criminal justice rights, for everyone who makes decisions and makes progress in improving criminal justice.”
This book may be of interest not only to law students, theorists and practitioners, but also to politicians.

Konstitucionālās tiesības. Trešais izdevums ar Daiņa Īvāna priekšvārdu / Jānis Pleps, Edgars Pastars, Ilze Plakane. – Rīga:latvijas Vēstnesis, 2021. – 680 lpp.
ISBN 978-9984-840-67-3

The book explains the state structure of Latvia, as defined in the Constitution, in the broader context of the experience of the Baltic countries and Europe. The authors explained in detail the basic concepts of constitutional law such as constitution, sovereignty, democratic republic, rule of law and welfare state, human rights and separation of powers. The book also examines the most important functions of the head of state, legislative, executive and judicial branches in a democratic state and their interaction.

Efektīvs tiesību aizsardzības līdzeklis pret likumu / Jānis priekulis. – Rīga: Latvijas Vēstnesis, 2021. – 415 lpp.
ISBN 978-9984-840-69-7

The author presents the most complete overview of the concept of protection of the concept of law and its functions to date. For the first time in Latvian jurisprudence, the book provides a full description of the prerequisites for recognizing an unjustified violation of rights under the law. The author substantiates in detail the thesis of temporary protection mechanisms as a necessary element of an effective remedy and calls for the introduction of a new temporary remedy in the process of the Constitutional Court - limitation of the operation of the law.
The book will also be useful to researchers in other areas of law, students, teachers, practitioners and everyone else.
This book is in Latvian language.

Scientific library of BIA has a new addition - a book written by economist Pēteris Strautiņš “Living in Latvia is interesting. Practical advice on love for the homeland ”(donated by the Luminor Bank). “This book is intended for everyone interested in question how to make Latvia and this world a better place, how to understand the history of our native land and what makes life more interesting here. This collection of impressions from one moment to sweeping generalizations, attentive reflections and word games represent a kind of frank overview of the successes and failures of the search for truth, "- writes the author in the introduction.
The book contains articles published by the author in newspapers, magazines and portals over the past 25 years. They are grouped by topic, some of them contain short comments from a 2019 perspective.
As the author continues:
“The irony is heard in the title, and it certainly is. Sometimes it was even too interesting to live in our country. But in general, this is meant only in a positive sense. It has a very dynamic economy, beautiful nature and highly developed cultural life. These are well-known things. What, then, is the added value of the book? Here you can find many arguments about why it is interesting to live in Latvia. About half of the book is devoted to economics and its direct impact on our daily life, while the rest presents a very general picture of the era. In addition, the border between the economy and other social events is very arbitrary. The book intertwines the macroeconomic and microeconomic history of Latvia, in other words, major economic indicators with events at the level of companies and people. They say that everything is fine with the macroeconomics in Latvia, but this does not affect people's lives. It seems to me that the opposite is true. The mistakes made over the last quarter of a century are best seen in large numbers - in the dynamics of GDP, inflation, and the labor market. In the previous decade, until 2008, the economy worked in a mode of excessive optimism, then quickly entered a phase of excessive pessimism and caution, from which it has not yet emerged. On the other hand, throughout the post-Soviet period, the "fine structure" of the economy - companies, their networks, products, people skills and knowledge - developed quite successfully. This happened all the time, even during the crisis. Opportunities for direct influence on the economy of a large number of people are limited for all countries, especially for Latvia, which is small and does not have its own currency. Therefore, it is especially important to talk about what specific people and companies are doing. Then it will be easier to understand how to help them, or how they cope with everything perfectly. Only by understanding the microeconomic level we can predict how our well-being will change in the future”.
The book is available for reading only in the halls of Scientific Library of BIA.


Domino Effect in Risk and Crisis Communication. Management and Legal Aspects. Monograph / Jolanta Derkevica - Pilskunga. - Rīga: Tūrība, 2021. - 312 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-543-27-2

The scientific monograph "Domino effect in risk and crisis comunication. Management & Legal aspects" is based on the doctoral thesis "Domino effect theory and legal regulations: The effects of risk and crisis comunication on Latvian enterprises".
The aim of the monograph is to explore to what extent communication as a business factor influences risks and crises in Latvian businesses, doing so in the context of Latvian legislation and drafting desired legal guidelines for risk and crisis communication and the practical goal is to identify amendments that are needed in Latvian laws in the context of risk and crisis communication management.
Different methods have been used in order to achieve the goal. For instance, the content analysis of the codes of ethics of journalists and the analysis of the concept of mediation in Latvia. A survey method – pilot study based on the opinion poll in order to learn the opinions of managers at small companies, different case studies and analysis of companies to ascertain the necessary changes and problems related to risk and crisis management in Latvia so as to deepen the research and interviews with board managers, lawyers, psychologists and communication experts at bankrupt and other companies are included.

Latvian National library with the financial support from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the project “Turpinot pilsonisko izglitību Latvijā. Pilsonības izglitības federālās aģentūras grāmatu sērijas izdošana.” (Continuing civil education in Latvia. Publication of the books by the Federal agency for civic education) published a series of books, that can be found in the BIA library.

Starptautiskās finanšu un ekonomiskās attiecības (International financial and economic relations)

The publication presents different views on new international economic relations, as well as on the question – is there any place for for the specific preferences of individual societies in the globalized economy?

Starptautiskā drošība (International security)


In connection with the tensions between the leading countries, as well as doubts about the stability of alliances, ever deeper cracks are looming in the foundations of the world order. Does the post-World War II international security architecture is threatens to collapse? The debate about the new role of foreign and security policy in the world is still developing at an early stage.

Īsi par demokrātiju (Briefly about democracy)

The book covers a wide range of topics, starting with democratic politics in Ancient Greece, examining the specifics of Latvian democracy and finally trying to foresee future prospects.

Bēgļu gaitas pagātnē un mūsdienās (Refugees in the past and nowadays)

The history of migration, the reasons for the exodus from "home" places, how migrants come to their new homeland before the times of Geneva Convention and after. Changes in refugee status after signing the Protocol. Expert opinions are included in the publication.


Architects Sketches. Dialogue and Design/ Kendra Schank Smith. – London and New York: Routledge, Taylor&Francis Group, 2015. – 138 p.
ISBN-13: 978-0750682268

Concepts from architects' minds evolve through sketches and as a mode of transference are conveyed to the finished building. This book compares qualities of sketches to reveal unique approaches to the instruments of thinking in which all architects engage. It provides new insight into the relationship between architectural sketches and the process of creative manipulation. Sketches comprise a thinking mechanism, and through the qualities of ambiguity, quickness and change, they initiate a dialogue for architects. As a medium to facilitate communication, recording, discovery and evaluation, their pertinence lies in their ability to exhibit both the precise and the imprecise. Exploring four related theoretical approaches, play, memory-imagination-fantasy, caricature and the grotesque, the book shows how imprecision stimulates imagination to conceive new forms in the dialogue of architectural sketches.

Watercolors for Beginners / Francisco Asensio Cerver. – Slovenia: Atrium Group, 2003. – 176 p.
ISBN-10 : 3829019319

I gave this book to a person who paints for fun. She found it wonderful for explaining techniques, telling her how to put her ideas onto paper. Nice illustrations and helpful.

Logo modernism / Jens Muller, Julius Wiedemann (Ed.). – Taschen.- 2018.- 431 p.


Modernist aesthetics in architecture, art, and product design are familiar to many. In soaring glass structures or minimalist canvases, we recognize a time of vast technological advance which affirmed the power of human beings to reshape their environment and to break, radically, from the conventions or constraints of the past. Less well-known, but no less fascinating, is the distillation of modernism in graphic design.
This unprecedented TASCHEN publication, authored by Jens Müller, brings together approximately 6,000 trademarks, focused on the period 1940–1980, to examine how modernist attitudes and imperatives gave birth to corporate identity. Ranging from media outfits to retail giants, airlines to art galleries, the sweeping survey is organized into three design-orientated chapters: Geometric, Effect, and Typographic. Each chapter is then sub-divided into form and style led sections such as alphabet, overlay, dots and squares.
Alongside the comprehensive catalog, the book features an introduction from Jens Müller on the history of logos, and an essay by R. Roger Remington on modernism and graphic design. Eight designer profiles and eight instructive case studies are also included, with a detailed look at the life and work of such luminaries as Paul Rand, Yusaku Kamekura, and Anton Stankowski, and at such significant projects as Fiat, The Daiei Inc., and the Mexico Olympic Games of 1968. An unrivaled resource for graphic designers, advertisers, and branding specialists, Logo Modernism is equally fascinating to anyone interested in social, cultural, and corporate history, and in the sheer persuasive power of image and form.

Graphic gesign. Vol. 1 1890-1959 / Jens Muller, Julius Wiedemann (Ed.). – Italy: Taschen, 2019.

History is a complex business. Fortunes boom and bust, empires wax and wane, and change―whether social, political, or technological―has its winners, its losers, its advocates, and its enemies. Through all the turbulent passage of time, graphic design―with its vivid, neat synthesis of image and idea―has distilled the spirit of each age.
This book is an in-depth history of graphic design from the end of the 19th century to the ’50s. It traces the evolution of this creative field from its beginning as poster design to its further development into advertising, corporate identity, packaging, and editorial design. Organized chronologically, the volume features over 2,500 seminal designs from all over the world, 71 of which are profiled in detail besides 61 leaders in the field, including Alphonse Mucha (chocolate advertisements), Edward Johnston (London Underground logo and typeface), El Lissitzky (constructivist graphics), Herbert Matter (photomontage travel posters from Switzerland), Saul Bass (animated opening titles), and A. M. Cassandre (art deco posters).
With his sweeping knowledge of the field, author Jens Müller curates the standout designs for each year alongside a running sequence of design milestones. Meanwhile, in his introductory essay, David Jury situates graphic design from its point of origin in early printing, engraving, and lithography to striking creative developments in the 19th century. Each consecutive decade is then prefaced by a succinct overview as well as a stunning visual timeline, offering a vivid display of the variety of graphic production in each decade as well as the global landscape which it at once described and defined.
As we move on from and reflect upon the 20th century, this first volume examines the foundations of what would influence some of the fastest-changing creative fields. Combined with Volume Two―which spans from the 1960s until today―the tomes offer the most comprehensive exploration of graphic design to date and a long-overdue recognition of its enormous contribution to economics, politics, social causes, the arts, media, and the way we see the world.