About Us


WHY BSA University of Applied Sciences?

  1. BIA is one of the largest non-governmental higher educational institutions in the Baltic States, which was founded in 1992.
  2. We are the officially accredited HEI in Latvia, which provides and recognized worldwide study programmes.
  3. We provide European-level higher education.
  4. We offer 26 study programmes and 8 study directions.
  5. All levels of educations:
    • College Programmes (the short cycle of Professional Higher Educaon based on the completed secondary educaon);
    • Academic and Professional Bachelor’s Degree Programmes;
    • Academic and Professional Master’s Degree Programmes;
    • PhD Programmes;
  6. 2057 students, 1046 full-me students and more than 30 000 graduates.
  7. Multinational study environment – 500 foreign students from 30 countries.
  8. Almost 400 cooperatiton agreements with Universities worldwide, including 145 inter-university agreements under the ERASMUS+ programme with the universities from 25 European Countries.
  9. Lectures, seminars and master-classes run by highly qualified and well-known lecturers, researchers and professionals in business-environment, 110 of whom are professors and have a PhD degree.
  10. 5 Cultural and Information Centers: the German Center, the Nordic Center, the Economic Representative Office of Malopolska, the Information Center of the European Union, the Latvian Center.
  11. The Art gallery “BiArt”, Roerich Hall, Ceramics and Drawing Studio, Vysotsky`s Center.
  12. The positive physical study environment is supported by scientific libraries and 17 reading halls, 3 cafeterias, 12 computer labs, teleconferencing bridge system, a bookstall and a conference center“Lomonosov”.
  13. Strong connections with Latvian and international organizations, associations, business environment and unions.

BSA University of Applied Sciences is the world of your opportunities!


  • choose the study mode suitable for you: full-time, part-time studies;
  • create your individual plan or schedule of study;
  • combine your study programme levels or study modes for some study directions (programmes 2 + 2 years);
  • participate in the study and professional placement exchange programmes ERASMUS+ and ERASMUS-Placement and to receive the European scholarship;
  • attend and be a part of our scientific and research activities, Summer and Winter Schools, internships, short courses and professional non-degree programmes with our partner universities;
  • apply for one of the Inter-university study programmes with our partners universities;
  • develop and improve your professional and language proficiency by learning: German, Latvian, French, Russian, English and attend the International Foundation Programme for foreign students before entering the Academy;
  • become part of our Students’ Union as well as to participate in our study programmes’ activities and events;
  • choose your accommodation from a range of opons: student hotels and hostels, dormitories, apartments or a room rental;
  • tailor courses from different study programmes and directions;
  • receive guidance and advice on immigration, university life and studies, extended services, etc. in our Visa and Student Support Centers;
  • apply for the Latvian State Scholarship (for study programmes with English language of instruction). For full information on the Latvian State Scholarship visit:http://viaa.gov.lv//eng/international_cooperation/scholarships_gov/latvian_scholarships/.

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