Prorector’s Welcome

Dear Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Students as well as our Colleagues!

We welcome you to the website of the Baltic International Academy, the Academy of years of experience as well as scientific and cultural traditions! Both learning and teaching at the Academy proceed in connection to science. Science demands that research staff possess the following qualities: talent, dedication, tenacity, firmness, patience, curiosity and human decency.

Science is a unique domain of human activities that builds bridges between representatives of various disciplines and areas.

We have managed to accomplish a lot. We have organized annual international conferences, published scientific papers, monographs and textbooks. Our staff has participated in various scientific projects. We continue to set even more challenging goals and are determined to attain them. We are convinced we will be able to achieve our goals because we are a team of talented, creative, enthusiastic and energetic people.

We sincerely hope that our website will help you develop your research ideas and we wish that all students of our Academy, enrolled in various programs, could learn and indeed gain the first-hand experience with the wonderful world of science. Our professorial-academic staff will gladly assist you with the exploration of this amazing world!

Vice-Rector for Science of the BIA

Doctor of Sociology Vladislavs Volkovs

Office hours
Tuesdays: 14.00-16.00
Thursdays: 16.00-18.00

4, Valeria Seile st., Room 115